I am committed to fast, professional, courteous and personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home buying process.

Here is a list of trained and certified loan originators specialize in financing homes in the Camden/Charlton area real estate market.

Guaranteed Rate- Christy Bordelon

Shayleen Halloran- Bank of England

Synovus Bank- Harriet Alvarez

Fairway Mortgage- Mariem Bennett

Brand Mortgage- Stephen Moreno

NBKC- Kelsey Brahl

Coastal Mortgage- Kevin Van Horn

Types of Loans Available VA Loans (100% financing, Military Loan, No Down Payment) USDA Loans (100% Financing, No Down Payment) FHA Loans (96.5% financing, 3.5% Down Payment) Conventional Loans (5% Down Payment Required)

Some Costs Associated with Buying a home:

Even with 100% Financing, there will be a few out of pocket expenses when buying a home.

Earnest Money: $500-$1000 put down with your offer as a form of “good faith” that you are serious about buying the home.  The earnest money will come back as a credit to you at closing. If you back out of the sale for any reason other than initially agreed upon, or if you are unable to obtain the loan. (Depends on circumstances, please check your contract)

Inspection Fee: Home Inspection should never be optional! Usually $250-$300 depending on the size of the home.

Appraisal Fee: Depending on the lender, usually around $450. You will pay this fee up front when making your formal loan application. You should receive a credit back at closing for the appraisal fee if we have the home seller covering the closing costs.

It is best to have at least $3000 in your bank to cover any costs associated with your loan.

Please remember to only APPLY with 1 lender.

Every time your credit score is checked it goes down! (if you check your own credit, it does not change, lenders can not use a previously pulled credit report, they will need to pull your credit at the beginning, middle, and end of the process.)

Save your large purchases for AFTER closing! You can buy that brand new shiny truck, but make sure you can live in it too… Mortgages have been denied due to the buyer purchasing new things during the mortgage process.

I know it is exciting but please wait to buy your new home furnishings!